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Hi I'm Shaun, I teach traditional Japanese Jikiden Reiki training courses and deliver workshops for students of Reiki in the Birmingham, and Midlands area of the UK. I also deliver Reiki treatments. My background is in teaching and coaching, as an Exercise Conditioning Specialist and Holistic Health Practitioner, helping people reduce stress and build their health. In addition to Reiki I work as a performance coach, helping people achieve better life balance. I was first an infantry soldier in the British army, probably as far across the spectrum from calm, peaceful, healing Reiki as you can get. Involved in competitive sports, combative martial arts and completing a BSc (Hons) Degree in Sport & Exercise Science, before gravitating towards more holistic disciplines. I originally trained to teacher level in Usui Reiki (western teachings). Since then I have studied to teacher level in more progressive as well as traditional styles of Reiki from prominent teachers from the USA, Europe and Japan. I have also trained in Jikiden Reiki (authentic traditional Japanese Usui Reiki) with Tadao Yamaguchi, the president of the Jikiden Reiki Institute, Kyoto, Japan. (picture of me receiving my Gokia skroll when I was granted Shihan (full teacher) level in Jikiden Reiki and became a registered branch of Jikiden Reiki here in the UK, (of which there is approximately 12 of us to date in the UK). I would say that I am a positive, calm and determined person.  I have a respect for nature and our environment as well as an interest in in natural health, sports and human performance. I have worked with a wide range of people with differing challenges. I specialise in helping people reduce stress and achieve life balance in a busy world. I also have specific interest in the application of Reiki in helping heal emotional trauma and helping children with Reiki.  I am listed on the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council 'accredited register', which has been approved by the Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care in the UK, in addition to professional membership of other organisations.

Jikiden Reiki Lineage is:

Mikao Usui
Chujiro Hayashi

Chiyoko Yamaguchi
Tadao Yamaguchi