Teaching Authentic Japanese Jikiden Reiki in the Midlands, UK.

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You are in the right place if:

  • If you are looking to try Reiki and want to find an experienced Reiki professional with a track record of results in the Sutton Coldfield area, to help you

  • Or if you are you looking to learn Reiki and want to ensure what you are taught is authentic Japanese Reiki, how it was originally taught in Japan and you are in the Midlands area

  • Or you have been trained in Reiki (any style or level) and would like to learn Jikiden Reiki to deepen your understanding of Japanese Usui Reiki and are in Birmingham, Midlands area


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How Reiki Could Help You:

  • Aid relaxation

  • Support and emotional healing

  • Cope better with the demands of daily life

  • Support health and well-being

  • Feel more grounded and balanced in life

  • Experience more peace after traumatic events

  • Support emotional well-being

  • Feel more positive

  • Feel more happier in life

  • Reduce stress

  • Improve sleep

  • Build resilience to stressful situations

  • Calm a busy mind

  • Progress in personal growth

  • Feel more at peace

  • Gain greater clarity in thought

  • Improve leadership and decision making

  • Feel a greater sense of calm in a busy world

What people I have helped with Jikiden Reiki say:


Receiving Reiki from Shaun has been a wonderful gift. I have seen improvements in my mood, Reiki has helped me become more patient, calmer, happier, less stressed and better able to cope with the demands of my busy life. Having now learnt Reiki I can also share this gift to help my family as well. "- Krystalla: Sutton Coldfield


“After a long, arduous search for a Reiki tutor, a series of 'synchronicity’ led me to Shaun. Contacting Shaun was simple and he happily supplied lots of useful informative materials, this enabled me to make an informed decision to learn Jikiden Reiki with him. The atmosphere was warm and welcoming and I felt at ease straight away. Shaun is a knowledgeable teacher and is able to simplify the content . Its been amazing and I have had immediate effects." - Paula: Birmingham


"Having Reiki treatments from Shaun has helped improve my sleep, increase my energy levels, develop my confidence and has helped me reduce the stress I was feeling in my demanding job. Reiki is a powerful healer which has influenced my life in many positive ways and I would advise people to try Reiki, as I believe it could benefit everyone in some way." - Nicola: Aldridge


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What I offer with Jikiden Reiki

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Hi I'm Shaun, I deliver Jikiden Reiki treatments from my location in Sutton Coldfield, near Birmingham, UK. I am an experienced Reiki teacher and practitioner, with a track record of results helping many people reduce stress, feel calmer, support emotional well-being, healing and personal growth.

I also deliver, accredited Jikiden Reiki training courses. All the Reiki training I deliver is accredited by the Jikiden Reiki Institute, Kyoto, Japan. My practice is an official branch of the Jikiden Reiki Institute (of which there is approximately 12 in the UK). I am based in Sutton Coldfield, near Birmingham. delivering and teaching authentic Japanese Reiki in the West Midlands area. I help people who are looking to learn Reiki and specifically want to ensure what they are taught is authentic Japanese Usui Reiki teachings, how it was originally taught in Japan. I teach Japanese Jikiden Reiki to those new to Reiki, as well as those who have had training in Reiki before and are interested in learning the original Japanese Reiki teachings and deepening their study of Reiki, in fact many of my Reiki students are Reiki professionals themselves.

As well as teaching Jikiden Reiki courses I hold regular ongoing Jikiden Reiki student workshops, for the Jikiden Reiki community in the Birmingham and Midlands area, which are designed to support your study of Reiki and build your confidence in it, offering a complete support system for those interested in Reiki, or are looking to Reiki to help them in their life.

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Who my approach tends to suit:

  • My approach may be a fit for you if you are looking for Reiki treatments to help you, are committed to getting results and are looking for an experienced Reiki professional with a track record of results to help you. I have helped many people with Reiki over the years with many issues Find out More

  • My Approach may also suit you if you are interested in Reiki, have heard good things about it, but you have not resonated with what you have found when looking at Reiki so far and are maybe more suited to a less fluffy, more practical and rational approach.

  • If you are looking to learn Reiki and specifically want to learn authentic traditional Japanese Reiki, how it was originally taught in Japan without any western influence (Jikiden Reiki). For those for who the accuracy of the Reiki training they receive is important. All the Reiki training courses I deliver are internationally recognized and accredited by the Jikiden Reiki Institute, kyoto, Japan. Find out more

  • If you have had previous training in Reiki (any style and any level) and are interested in deepening your understanding of Reiki and would like the opportunity to learn the authentic traditional Japanese Usui Reiki the way it was originally taught in Japan (Jikiden Reiki) and understand Reiki in its original intention and practice, as well as learn the original Reiki teachings that are missing from modern day Reiki training courses. Find out More

  • If you would like to learn Reiki (or have had some previous training in Reiki) and like the idea of being part of a community of Reiki students and have access to regular ongoing Reiki workshops and support beyond your Reiki training courses themselves, to support your journey and help you build your confidence with Reiki (workshops tend to be in the Sutton Coldfield area, near Birmingham, with Reiki students coming from around the Midlands

Jikiden Reiki Training Courses

Learn authentic traditional Japanese Reiki, for body and mind. Promote personal growth, healing and more!



"The Jikiden Reiki course was an insightful, enjoyable and hugely rewarding. Shaun's engaging teaching style is extremely effective and I would definitely recommend the course to others."- Hardeep Singh: Birmingham

       Jikiden Reiki Courses

Jikiden Reiki Student Workshops

Jikiden Reiki workshops to support Reiki students beyond their initial Reiki training courses

"I have found the Reiju Kai (Reiju meetings) and Koryu-Kai (Reiki Share meetings) invaluable to reinforce my knowledge and understanding of Jikiden Reiki. Shaun offers professional and informative coaching in a relaxed and friendly environment. It is also great to spend time with other Jikden Reiki people." - Sara Johnson: Leicestershire

Jikiden Reiki events

Reiki Treatments

Receive Jikiden Reiki treatments, to support balance, personal growth, healing, de-stress and more

"I have been astounded by my results having Reiki with Shaun. My sleep has improved, I'm less stressed and my mind is quieter. I have focus and clarity in leadership and decision making within my professional life and a new found sense of contentment, pace and well-being, which has benefited all areas of my life."- Sara Reece: Sutton Coldfield

Reiki Treatments